Monday, September 15, 2014

Resting His Feet


Anonymous said...

take toime to asmell the roses my love

Shawn said...

And these breaks gave Payton the chance to admire another pair of sexy heels that "he" loves so much and to reflect on how much happier "he' is now as a girl.

Besides, it was a great time to flirt with all the cute guys in the park, which SHE love to do too!

whyguys said...

"Oh there you are Sweety... now I know you like the feeling of parading around in your new persona, BUT my girlfriends are going to be at our house in a few hours. So could you please set that sashaying little bottom back an get into your serving outfit....I just can't WAIT to show you off!"

"Oh, did I mention, two of your ex-girlfriends are going to be there as well?"