Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Such Fun!


Shawn said...

The bigger surprise for Rich will be when his old friend standing in front of him tells him that there never was a spell. He'll find out that every thing "he" has done so far, the clothes, the hair, the makeover and the BJ was all of Rich's own making and desires.

Maybe his friend gave him a lil nudge to get started, but I get the feeling that "Richelle" might be around to stay.

Alana Tgirl said...

....it happens just as "his" wife walks into the room to see her "husband" enjoying the blow job "he" is giving to the neighbor from next door......while the wife is in HIS body.
But that's not "his" problem.....
The wife is grinning because now that "he" has serviced a man, swallowed the load AND enjoyed it, HE is now PERMANENTLY a SHE !!! =D