Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Small Price To Pay


Shawn said...

Oh Ted, you really should have been more careful. When Jenelle, the hot new intern let it slip that you had been sleeping with her to your secretary Laura, she got mad.

So Laura felt that telling your wife that you had been sleeping with not only her but the intern too, might even the score. But your wife didn't get mad, no she wanted revenge, so at that point your fate was sealed.

These three ladies got together and decided to turn you into what you actually hated, a girl. Yes, if you didn't hate women so much, you would have treated them better than just notches on your belt.

So get used to your new life sweetie, you get to be the sexy secretary now, while Laura will make you life hell at work by being a super tough boss.

Your wife?? She took all your millions in company stock and ran off with Jenelle! Who knew your wife played for both teams???

And don't worry, you'll learn to love the heels. You better since Laura expects you in nothing lower than a 4" heel.

Have a nice life "Ted".

whyguys said...


Great scenario, what poetic JUSTICE - Heels for a Heel!