Thursday, September 25, 2014

Not How He Envisioned It


Anonymous said...

Just wait till the evening!

Sharon said...

I would gladly trade places with you.

Shawn said...

Well Ron, if you want some advice, you need to be a little more clear about why you are upset. Is it because this is not the gown you wanted or the place you wanted the ceremony. Or is it the fact that you always figured you'd be the groom and not the bride??

Don't worry about it either way sweetie. The gown or the place are only minor details that you shouldn't let ruin your special day.

If it the whole being the bride thing, give it a chance, you'll learn to like being a trophy wife. In fact your mindset might be A LOT different after your Wedding night with you new husband!

Alana Tgirl said...

What Sharon said, above. *dreaming*

Rhonda's Rambling said...

Thank Ann.
I love the gown
I love the place
It'sjust that the groom told me he's straight