Friday, May 18, 2012

Losing His Car and So Much More


whyguys said...

I LOVE the heels She makes him wear while cycling... and do you realize back in the 50's how MORTIFIED a boy would have been just having to use a GIRL's BIKE wearing boy clothes.

However, all that cycling just might allow him to keep WAY TOO MUCH muscle strength. Perhaps She should make him use a pretty little PINK motorized BARBIE TRICYCLE!!!!

*giggle* My how times have changed and Women have taken over! Gosh, he isn't allowed pedal-pushers... they're FAR too like a pair of 'man' pants.

MarilynMM said...

What's next is, you're going to assume the full traditional role of woman in your wife's household, and perform all duties expected of a woman of such an era.

You will cook, you will clean, you will call a sexy plumber when the sink is backed up. (And you will pleasure him. Then you will confess to your wife.)

You will obey your wife as a woman of yesteryear obeyed her husband. You will be ecstatically proud to do so, and will lift one leg as you hug her to thank her when she praises you.

Your wife is your authority. You love her and want to please her, right? Then you will do everything in your power to make your home her sanctuary.

A woman like her might be inclined to change immediately after work into silk robes, for instance. In that case, have them ready, and her slippers as well. Have scotch, or brandy, or whatever is your goddess's true love always at the ready.

Remember, you are a woman now. Just not *that* kind of woman. You can only aspire to it.

Incidentally, should your wife decide to "share" you with other men, don't be afraid. Rather, a girl should be proud that her wife has that in mind for her!

(Besides, you know you would love it! Your only fear is that others might discover your pleasure. Let it go, girl ... enjoy it. This is a very safe place ...)

Linda Marie Daniels said...

What a cute girl and what a cute outfit she's wearing. Oh, I wish I could be her.