Monday, May 07, 2012

Changing The World Through Chemistry


whyguys said...

This seems a great intro into a series to develop dealing with a complete Sex Role Reversal world takeover by the Female.

MORE, MORE please!

Ann Michelle said...

It's the future whyguys. :)

whyguys said...

Another very adorable aspect of this illustration of struggle for Sexual Primacy is the Female's expression is one of total boredom and lack of concern, while the weaker male seems feverishly throwing all that he has into the contest - and it will be to NO AVAIL!

I can hear hear Her informing him just before She tires of this charade, and slams his arm to the table,

"John... you do understand when I win, the new identity and name I've chosen for you shall be 'JENNA' - very cute and feminine ring to it, don't you think... doesn't it just 'ooze' the idea of submission..."

whyguys said...

"OKAY, MISSY... But this is the LAST TIME! We'll make it best of ONE-HUNDRED and THIRTY THREE. BUT I don't see the point I've won the first SIXTY-SIX!