Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Coming Home From School


whyguys said...

"Be The best Big Brother to Her you can..."

Oh Andi... how sweet, BUT what your sister really wants you to be is the most preciously obedient and feminine LITTLE SISTER to shpow off to both HER and YOUR old girlfriends.

An all your sissy-dad wants is you to help with all the male household chores as is proper.

Ann Michelle said...

whyguys, Wouldn't it be fun to watch how this story unfolds?

whyguys said...

Absolutely... finally just one big happy Female controlled family now that they've finally gotten the sex-roles re-adjusted properly!

(Of course with the occasional appropriate discipline when the males misbehave.)

whyguys said...

Anne Michelle,

Wonder why the Mother is not mentioned? Suppose She's just another one of today's overly busy hard-driving Career Women... well it sounds as if She totally can trust Her Daughter to keep the family males in line until She gets home.