Monday, February 26, 2024

New Book: Our Little Secret (Part Two)

Ladies and gentlemen... a new book has arrived: Our Little Secret (Part Two)!
Our Little Secret (Part Two)

Who knew wearing panties could be such fun? Miles certainly didn’t, but he does now. Little by little, Hollie has enticed Miles with teasing, denial and the thrill of getting caught to the point that he’s now thoroughly hooked. The question is, what will she want him to do next?

In this part, Hollie takes things a step further. She introduces Miles to a new wardrobe. She introduces him to new games. And she slowly takes control. She even gets her friends involved... sort of. How far will she take Miles? How far will Miles let her? And will they get caught?

For Mature Audiences Only. This 31,911 word story includes female domination, cross-dressing, power exchange, bondage, and so much more.

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