Sunday, April 04, 2021

I'd Say It Worked Perfectly



Anonymous said...

Problem?? I think that Georgina looks great so what is the problem? Zoe

Rhodry said...

It worked , it worked. I'm back in time. I'm back in the 1957's.
What, why does my voice sound strange, why do I feel funny.
What am I wearing, why is there a breeze on my legs.
Has he saw a mirror there.
He knew why, he wasn't a he, she was a girl.
He was a freaking girl. After what occurred. Did the time experiment work, yes it did.
Why am I a girl don't know. Maybe, maybe there was miscalculation, or something else.
This could work, I'm a girl. Which could a problem . But in this day and age. No one, no one, would except. A girl so its not much a problem. The only problem is who am I .