Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Go As Your Own Secretary, Darling


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Rhodry said...

Hello, hello dear.
Who, who is this.
Its me.
Oh you must be my husbands secretary. Why are wear that outfit.
No, no its me.
Me who she asked.
Its me your husband. That spell you used kicked in.
Oh, oh my, it work, oh my you look so darling. But don't look right like that. I can't fix that.
no, no. I flash hit him. And his loose suit. On his feminine body. Was transform in a proper outfit of him.
He looked a properly dress secretary that would be wearing.
Oh my, this is not what what I want.
Sorry but this the best I can do for the moment.
I can't go like this.
Well you have to, either pretend to be her. Or tell the truth.