Sunday, June 30, 2019

Yes, But The Rash IS Gone!


whyguys said...

Brenda smiled looking at Her husband's confused plight.

"Oh Tom.... the rash does seen quite BAD... Let me help give your chest a rubdown to see if it helps. Why sweetie perhaps if you borrow a brassierre of mine - just for a short time of course! The chaffing might be lessoned. OH YOUR BREAST- oops I mean your chest muscles are so soft. You know it might not be so bad once i RUB the boobs.... i mean your BRUISE (giggles to Herself). If not you still might get used to it...."

Brenda smiled even more knowing 'TAMMY' would soon be noticing far more changes in the near future....

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tammy / Tom is starting to blossom into a lovely girl. Did that cream only affect her chest rash or other areas as well ? I know I get skin rashes and that cream would definitely take my mind off any itching. If Brenda ever wanted a girlfriend, I venture to say her dreams are coming true. Tammy has to properly measured and fitted for her first BRA ! Such a lucky girl. Sequel soon please ?