Sunday, June 30, 2019

Sounds Like A Fun Summer Coming


Jay said...

That's OK I have a feeling by summers end Erica won't be a "good girl" when she becomes her former backup and now the team's starting quarterback's girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Why even worry about changing back when looking like she does now she can have the whole world in her hand (or wherever she wants it). BTW---the girlfriend should market that pill as there would be a line to get it, I for sure would be in the first ten! Zoe

whyguys said...

Seems the whole cheerleaders got the formula and used it on the rest of the team as well. NOW the cheerleaders themselves worked out really hard to replace the males on the team and are on the way to a perfect season!

GUESS who shamefully cheers from the sideline NOW!

"TWO FOUR SIX EIGHT.... why'd they have to emasculate US!