Monday, October 22, 2018

Good Luck Explaining This!

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nikir77 said...

even thou Rex is just figuring it out I think sister dear has known ever sense you were 7 and the two of you dressed up as a She-Devil and an She-angel. And that was when you refused to cut your hair. all those weekends sister was at cheer-leading she would come home and find her cloths just not right. Then Sister married a man who was Bi and told her she would have access to all his money and power if she let him have his one nighters. Sister started to get jealous and figured she could get two birds with one pantie told her Husband about her twin's dressing up as long as he promised that he would start staying home more often. Hubby told sister if your brother is as good as you in bed then he can have the spare room and the three of us will be a fuckfamily. Now Rex will wake up in her man's arms with sister sitting in the chair next to the bed and all will be told the truth.