Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Update on Discreet Books: Giveway This Weekend!!!

Hi everyone!  I've had an idea. :)

I think it would help you all understand what I'm planning with regard to creating a way for you to get my books secretly if I gave you one for free.  So this weekend, we're going to do a sort of dry run of the system.  I'll post details starting Saturday about how to get "The Writer's Secret" free.

Basically, you will email me to let me know you want it and I'll email it to you.  Then you can see what these books look like.  You can see how they will work, how the passwords work, and you can practice loading them onto whatever device you intend to use.  You can even figure out where you want to hide them.  And you can do it all with a free book, so it won't cost you anything to try this out.

The only part we can't practice this weekend is the paypal part.  You might want to start looking into that too.  (As an aside, I believe you can set up paypal accounts with store-bought Visa cards too.  I'm also considering taking Amazon gift cards.)


How does the plan look to you?
I can't wait to buy these books!
Still too scared.
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If you answered "too scared" above, please tell me why! (You can mark all that apply)
The payment method bothers me. I don't like paypal.
The payment method confuses me. Can you explain how to use paypal?
How you plan to get me the books confuses me. Can you explain it to us?
I'm not sure how to hide them. Can you help me with that?
I'm just not comfortable with this and won't be buying.
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AnnMichelle said...

Let me add... paypal handles currency conversion too. So this will work worldwide.

AnnMichelle said...

Excellent! Thank you for the comments so far!

If you know of a better payment method, please feel free to suggest it. I'm happy to consider anything.

On the email, you can create a new anonymous email and use that. Just go to Yahoo or Hotmail or gmail or somewhere like that and create one using a fake name. Then you won't need to use the emails you use regularly.

Anonymous said...

It may be old school, but a money order mailed to a physical address would meet the anonymity test.

AnnMichelle said...

Anon, That is old school! LOL! And it's an interesting thought. I will need to consider that! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ann. I'll figure out how to make it work regardless of what you decide!

AnnMichelle said...

Update... I'm almost ready for the weekend. I'm putting together a FAQ on how to do this which will explain everything -- how to buy them, why I choose Paypal and how to use it, how to hide the books, etc. I think that will explain everything you need to know.

If there are still questions, please let me know. :)