Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Free Book!!! No Catch!

YES... I will send you the "discreet" version of The Writer’s Secret for free!

NO... there is no catch.

Why? As you know, I’ve been trying to find a way to let you all buy my books in a way that is discreet and confidential so that no one knows you own them. Well, I've found a solution. I'm going to sell you password protected pdf versions of my books directly. Perhaps you see the new links at the top of the blog?

If not, then check them out now. The first one explains the process... how you buy them ==> How To Buy My Books Discreetly. The second is a FAQ which explains why I chose this process and how it works to protect your privacy. That's here ==> FAQ on Buying Books Discreetly. The third is a list of the books of mine which are now available. That's here==> My Available Discreet Books, and will be updated as I add the last few books and any new ones. To help you get comfortable with this process, I've decided to give away The Writer's Secret. This will let you see what the "discreet versions" of my books will look like (they all have a similar format). This will also let you see how you can order them, how I will get them to you, and how the password protection works. It will also let you experiment with hiding them (explained in the FAQ on Buying Books Discreetly).

Basically, you can test the whole thing out without having to pay for anything.

So here is what you need to do now:
Step One: You send me an email telling me you want the book. You don’t need to include your name or address or any details about yourself – but please put something like “Ann Michelle Books” in the header so I know it’s not spam. If you need to, you can set up an email using a fake name at Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail or a half dozen other places. Send your email to:

Step Two: I’ll email you the book along with the password to open it.
That’s it. You can start reading it and you can experiment with hiding it and testing it on different devices at that point. Simple!

Shall we give it a try?


AnnMichelle said...

Since, I've been asked twice already... if you're interested in buying some already, they are available at any time. :)

Anonymous said...

thanks Ann! I can't wait!

AnnMichelle said...

You're welcome. I hope you enjoy them.

AnnMichelle said...

BTW, Please read the FAQ! There is a lot of explanation in there on how to hide them and why the first 30 pages of the book look like gibberish.

There are even suggestions on how to use a store-bought prepaid credit card.

It's very helpful.

AnnMichelle said...

This is a message for an emailer with the initials "V" and "M" and an email from gmx.

I have tried several times to email you today, but all of my emails have bounced back as undelivered. I have no idea what the problem is. Can you try again please?