Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh oh... Something's Not Right!


Shawn said...

Oh Fred, don't act so surprised at what's going on. You were just a lil too eager to help your sister with all her wedding plans. And just how many trips did you make with her to the bridal shop when she picked out her dress? (and now it seems yours too)

She caught you sneaking looks the gowns and touching them when you thought no one would notice. And you spent way too much time giving your opinion on what bridal heels she should pick out too.

So she's just giving you what you want even if you don't realize it quite yet. So just roll with it and soon you'll be married to her new husband's best friend who has a little different and special tastes when it come to the girls he likes and you happen to be just about perfect for him.

Once you find out he's rich and will take care of your every need, you'll probably begin to love the new you and and your future.

Ann Michelle said...

Nice story Shawn! :D

Shawn said...

Thanks Ann Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Love this little story. It's a dream come true