Saturday, May 17, 2014

Boys Love Cute Shoes


whyguys said...

Amanda and Her friend Rachael smiled, their eyes sparkling at each other knowingly as they stood besides their fiancées who after the six week course on preparing couples for a successful modern marriage. The day had been spent shopping on rounding out their males' proper wardrobes both for during and after the nuptial ceremonies. The course on today's correctly amended sex roles had evidently been so successful their future male wives hardly noticed how much their attitude and behavior had been, shall we say, 'a-men-ded'.

Rachael curtailed a brief spark of 'masculine' protest when her boyfriend Christopher balked worrying if his shoes were a tres 'girlish',

"Oh NO Chrissi! Leopard skin is about the MOST macho material you'll EVER find nowadays in any male's wardrobe... you are 100% so boi-dorable in those, Sweetie."

As the two males seemed content to admire their slim feminine figures' reflections in the boutique mirrors, Amanda looked at Rachael proudly and held back a strong urge to laugh aloud as She raised Her hand in the air the two women shared a joyful and victorious High-Five unbeknownst out of the sight of the dainty and delicate self-absorbed males.

Living as Stephanie now said...

Yes yes yes!!!

Shawn said...

Yes, men love cute shoes on girls, while "boys" love to wear them. And what wrong with that? Why should girls be the only ones to have a closet full of cute, sexy and pretty heels???

Susan Lynch said...

No outfit is complete without a nice pair of shoes. i get that now, totally. As i learn to dress en femme, that become ever more clear.