Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wasn't I A Man?


Staci Pennell said...

Be blessed, for awakening a woman:)

Ann Michelle said...

Definitely nothing to complain about!

Staci Pennell said...

I so like totally agree with you there Ann :)

Staci Pennell said...

Ugh, my life is such a train wreck these days. I have such strong desires to be pimped n that's not me. I have this one person who keeps calling me a sissy. Which just winds me up like a clock. Mtf, as well as been out n living ft for 13.5 yrs. n trantioning again this year. Hoping it sticks.

I got or am so addicted to this hypnosis n sissy shit, that I have such string desires to be pimped, /

My life is a total wreck

I can't even remember where I was going with this. I am a ditz:)

Staci Pennell said...

Oh ya, I so like totally need to bear this hypnosis thingy. If you happen to know anyone. I would so love to meet them. Been on HRT for years as well as 38-28-40 measurements. I use to be happy with my full B's flowing into C's. now I'm like wanting DD's

Stacirenae on fetlife. Com, if you'd like to know more.

Hugs n kisses girls