Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: "Her Lactating Sissy"

It's time to do another book review. Today's book is "Her Lactating Sissy" by Fiona Piper. This is another great book!

I've read each of Fiona's books and I've liked them all. She has a way of bringing it all together and adding little touches that other authors somehow don't. It's hard to put my finger on, but there are always little moments that I know wouldn't be included in most other books.

"Her Lactating Sissy" is a very erotic story about male lactation, sort-of-forced feminization and female domination and it was very, very good. I've read the story a couple times now and I've always found it to be satisfying.

The story involves Aaron, and up-and-coming executive with a drug company. Executives at his company are encouraged to participate in drug tests if they want to get to upper management. Because of this, he agrees to take a drug which is supposed to help women lactate, but which isn't supposed to affect men. His role in the test is to prove that nothing will happen to men who take the drug. Naturally, it does affect him and he starts to grow breasts. This, of course, leads to his wife putting him into dresses and becoming more dominant. Would we have it any other way? Anyway, he eventually does lactate in a very nice, erotic scene.

One of the real knacks Fiona has for writing is finding ways to make outlandish things seem completely reasonable and she does that here. On the surface, the idea of a man lactating sounds like it will be hard to believe, but it's handled so well here that you don't doubt it could happen. Her characters grow too as they start to realize that the things they feared at first not only aren't so bad, but turn out to be pretty pleasurable. And of course, there are always good doses of humiliation, like when super-executive Aaron needs to return to work and is put beneath his wife.

All in all, I enjoyed this book a lot and its characters and moments have stuck with me. I don't do a rating system, but this would get a top score if I did.

You can buy the book here LINK, and if you agree with me, please leave your review at Amazon so these authors will write more. Our genre in particular gets a lot of people who enjoy posting phony one- and two- star reviews to hurt the authors. Half these people never even buy the book. Yet, those can kill books and stop authors from writing more. Reviews are important, so please take the time to help the authors whose work you enjoy throughout our genre. Please leave reviews, even if it's only a couple words.


Fiona said...

:) Thanks.

Ann Michelle said...

You're welcome. I enjoyed the book a lot.

Alana Tgirl said...

I read (with much pleasure, I might add) the preview of Fiona's book on Amazon.......and kind of wish I hadn't.
The only reason is because I don't own a Kindle......and can't have the sheer enjoyment of reading the rest of her book :-(
I wish that it was available in print form (I would be VERY interested in purchasing it).

Ann Michelle said...

Alana, All of her books are in paperback as well. Amazon will usually show you links for both the paperback and the Kindle.

Here's the link to the paperback.


It looks like it's through CreateSpace, where I did mine, so they quality should be pretty good.

Tom Tame said...

I completely agree. Fiona is another author that I instantly buy whenever she produces something new. She reminds me quite a bit of Aimee Allison in style and content.

"Lactating Sissy" actually did a nice thing in that it saved it all up for a nice climax. Not all authors have such patience.

Also, you don't have to own a kindle on Amazon. You can use the Amazon "Cloud" and read your content on any PC or device with internet access.

Just click on Kindle and then "Kindle Cloud" and you should be able to set one up.


Ann Michelle said...

Tom, Good point about the Amazon cloud. You can buy any Kindle book and read it online at Amazon's cloud in your browser (though it doesn't work with the latest IE yet, but it does work with Firefox).

I like Fiona a lot, and I agree that she's very good about building to climaxes. I always feel like I reached the best part of her books by the time they end.

I like Aimee Allison a lot as well. In terms of why Fiona reminds you of Aimee, I don't want to speak for them, but I can tell you why they are similar, it's because Aimee edits Fiona's work.

Ann Michelle said...

P.S. That's not a secret, Fiona has mentioned it herself in response to a negative review at Amazon.

Fiona said...

Thank you everyone! Your kind words are much appreciated!

Ann, That's true. Aimee does edit my books and she contributed ideas to the first couple. She's been very helpful and very encouraging.

Staci Pennell said...

I however did not read the book/ but I can however bear witness that when I lactate at my nipples/ it's as if its like a paper-cut in some respect, as well stings n fluids yes. But it's a wonderful feeling.

Having symptoms everyday of a woman on her period, is a wonderful feeling to me as well:)

Jan White said...

Hi Anne,

Can I make a suggestion for your next review? Check out 'Princess of the Desert (Trail of Tears)' by M.N. Thomas. Left for dead, a fearfully abused T-girl is discovered abandoned in the Arizona desert. FBI agent Daniel McNiel has the case, and as he pulls the strings that he hopes will lead to the truth, he is instead drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue and deceit. And, as his relationship with the beautiful, enigmatic victim matures, he is forced to confront his own prejudices before opening his heart to the power and possibilities of love. This story is a tear-jerker and a spellbinding thriller all in one. And at $0.99 for the Kindel at Amazon, it's the best entertainment value I've enjoyed in a long time. Hope you like it.


Ann Michelle said...

Wendy, Let me take a look at it. I've got a couple reviews lined up already, but I'll read it and see. :)

Jan White said...


PS: It has a couple of sequels...I'm reading the next one right now and I think it's going to be good as well

Ann Michelle said...

Wendy, I'll check it out!