Thursday, March 07, 2019

Yes, It Is!


whyguys said...

Teddianne and Lorraine(formerly Ted QB and Larry FB) had finally gotten over the shocking humiliation of the day when ALL of the Women dating members of the football team... having been disgusted with the males false "macho" arrogance trained over the summer and fully replaced the males at EVERY position and then forced the dejected and broken males to accept full feminization as punishment.

Teddianne was girlishly langoring with Lorraine one offered his idea on how to make up for their past bad behaviour,

"Lorrie...girlfriend - i think its time all we ex-guys should try out for cheerleading squad this year when school starts again... maybe the women will forgive us and takes us all back.."

"OH TEDDIANNE.... that would be SO DIVINE!! All of us could look so pretty at Spring Prom in those party gowns we were giggling about at the mall boutique... *SIGH* i am getting so excited just thinking about that low-cut lavender one with the lace bodice *squeal*"

YE-EEES SISTER... it was DREAMY!!!! I have to tell you.... i *giggle* already tried one on and bought it. But there's still a gorgeous turquoise one there that would SO match YOURr eyes..."

Girl Inside said...