Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sorry, No Take-Backs!


Anonymous said...

She obviously liked the trade. Looks like you will have to get use to being on the other side. (I hear it is really better!) Zoe

Anonymous said...

But I don't want to have a vagina anymore? What if I want to have kids? Being a girl is so hard and everyone thinks I'm a I get a say in any of this?

Anonymous said... if she wants kids she can still have them just that she will carry each baby 9 months and then be momma! Zoe

Anonymous said...

She said we can swap for a day, and so we did. Its been over 6 months and i can't stand having a period...I don't feel so manly when I bleed from my pussy, she'll request a hand job or blow job everyday so I know who has the dick here, and I wake up to morning dew instead of wood....I miss being a man