Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Question: Personalized Stories

Hi Everybody!

I have an odd question for all of you. I've recently gotten an interesting request. A reader of my books asked if I would be willing to write his story if he paid me a fee to do so. I've never really thought of this before, but it got me wondering. Would other people be interested in this?

Now to be clear, it wouldn't be cheap because I write for a living. The story would need to fit with the types of things I normally do, though some stretching could be done. And I would retain all the rights, including the right to publish it, change it in any way I thought would be needed to publish it, the royalties, and the such. (If I didn't do that, then the price would be unaffordable.) But considering all that, would any of you be interested in something like that?

Alternatively, I've been debating if people would be interested in personalized copies of books where I could change the names to include names they like and maybe make a few other changes to details here and there. This would be a lot cheaper, maybe $25 or something. Would that interest anyone?

This is all just thinking out loud at the moment, but I am curious to hear from people who would be interested. You can contact me here:

Thanks for your thoughts!

Ann :)


Taedis said...

I've been writing in the fetish field for a few years now. I've had a few people approach me for commissions in that time. Of those I decided to take two. Both were from people I had regular contact with. Both were people I knew would give me reasonable and good feedback for their pieces. I would rate both experiences as being very positive. One resulted in a 22K word novella I'll be publishing in the near future; the other in a 229K word novel that was one of the most challenging things I ever wrote.

I think you should be open to this experience.

AnnMichelle said...

Hi Taedis, I'm definitely open to it. I'm curious what people think though. I'd love to hear what they would like, if anything.

Taedis said...

I've been a fan of yours for years. If this takes your talent down paths you might not have thought to explore before I'm all for it.

AnnMichelle said...

Thank you! It might. It could definitely spark new ideas and give me new perspectives to add to my writing tool box. :)