Monday, January 21, 2013

He Needs A Bigger Bra


Anonymous said...

Put him in a garter belt too n nylons you "sissy Boy" Becky Rodgers.

whyguys said...

...and as 'CARLY' daintily looked through the racks of satin and lace for 'just the right one', his Fiance and Her Girlfriends giggled and 'high-fived' one of them saying,

"YOU REALLY have trained 'HER' well!"

another whispered,

I cannot WAIT for the Engagement Party, when his old chauvinist football team buddies see how CARLY's been 'reformed' since meeting you.

Anonymous said...

I agree every "Sissy / Special Boy " does need a good training bra ! However, I also feel that she should have "something " to train with. Padded ones are nice ; but excellent under-wires are better, but I think a good course of corset-training will do wonders for her figure. The constant- pressure will push-up a good amount of raw material up-front on her chest,which can then be molded properly. Just wearing a bra by itself may give her a good idea of what it feels like ; but she'll only really understand it and appreciate it when she has her own "Little Bumps " on her chest.
Just my two cents.
B ;)