Thursday, January 17, 2013

Changes At Delta

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whyguys said...

The three Sorternity boys formerly named Sean, Mike and Rocky trembled and giggled nervously as they stood in the party at Femrority DELTA OMEGA MU (DOM)

"OMIGOSH... Shanna... Rochelle... that's Alicia Masterson the team star quarterback coming our way. I think She was looking ME over! What should I do?"

"MISSY... stop it! Missy just be your pretty little self. Yes, She's a hunk but She pulls Her panties up both legs just like WE do..."

"Sure Missy, just make like Rochelle and bat your eyelashes, tell Her what a great game She played last week... you know play to Her Female Ego... and don't forget to thrust out your luscious new implants, no red-blooded Femrority Woman can resist a little male cleavage. Missy, in no time She'll be eating out of your hand."

Missy (whimpering):
"Oh... I've heard of Her conquests... more likely She'll have me eating out of Her -er well, you know. Yet, as you said,