Thursday, June 22, 2023

'You Think Too Much, Candi'



Mary said...

Andi and her boyfriend had a wonderful summer. They satisfied her painted lips with long, luxurious, gentle blowjobs. Poor Candi fought it all the way. All week long she would deny her newfound desire. But by Saturday night, she would give in and get face fucked by groups of men she hardly new.

Eventually, Andi intervened and got her boyfriend to set Candi up with a nice guy.

Rhodry said...

When both of them Carl and Andi first tasted that special brand of lipstick. Now Candi and Andi two girl now. A short time later. Cari now Candi, and Andy now Andi. Candi been having those weird and strange thought something else. Or maybe someone else. But Andi for reason, perfectly fine with it?