Thursday, May 25, 2023

New Book: Training Him (Part One)

Ladies and gentlemen... a new book has arrived: Training Him (Part One)!
Training Him (Part One)

Jackson has a thing for female domination. The problem is, he’s not the type to ever give up any real power to anyone else... anyone. Fortunately for him, he’s found a way to enjoy a little female domination without giving up any real power. All he has to do is tell his wife how he wants her to dominate him. That way he gets what he wants and still stays in control. Sounds great. Only, things are about to go wrong when his wife Charlotte takes his request for domination seriously. Oh oh.

This 30,300 word story includes cross-dressing, female domination, power exchange, chastity devices, denial and so much more. This is the first of three parts. For Mature Audiences Only.

Here is where you can buy it: Amazon Kindle

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