Sunday, June 12, 2022

Such Sweet Boys



Zoe said...

I want to know where they went for hypnosis so I can experience this joy too! Zoe

Lee said...

It worked beautifully. BFF's forever.

Rhodry said...

It was odd, the way both boys said hello and goodbye. Was it the transfiguration, the hypnosis? Or was it their hormones.

Anonymous said...

Aww, legs up! SaraE

Richard Larkin said...

As a proper Sissy, I've alway looked and dressed feminine.
The girls and women who kiss me bend down to do it.
I open my mouth for their ravenous kisses.

They strip me barefoot naked for severe spankings.
My mascara and makeup stream down.
When I stop sobbing, I reach into my Sissy Purse for my Makeup kit.