Thursday, May 26, 2022

Good Idea



Anonymous said...

Ha ha!

Lee said...

Then she would have a pair of bookends to serve and please.

Rhodry said...

Bills parents specially his mother decided to make something out of him. So they sent him a private special school that could make. Something out of him. Nearly nine or ten months later. They got maid to help with the house work, she was young nearly adult.
As she arrived, help around the place. Then the husband asked her name. She said Billy if a "i.e." sir. She said.
You looked strangely familiar. Her mother smiled maybe her husband need some time to the same school.

Richard Larkin said...

My high school was a Sissy Boarding School in Germany. Madchenmacher Academy.

Most wealthy and/or noble European families had at least one "difficult" daughter.
She became a cloistered nun. ("The Devils of Loudoun")

An unruly son was Tamed by severe spankings from a v strict Governess. ("The English Governess")
He married a big girl bred for that.