Saturday, May 09, 2020

Hard Lesson Indeed


Sally Bend said...

I want to know whether she allowed him to enjoy it . . . and where it might be headed! :)

terry said...

Maybe after the next session he loses that pole to hold onto.

Richard Larkin said...

Like most Sissies, I'm basically Hetero.
But, like ALL Sissies, I learned to be extravagantly Bisexual. At home, school, elsewhere.

In my late teens, Mother sent me to Sissy Summer Camp. As usual.
Physically mature, vainly proud of my new voluptuous nubile beauty. As were my 100+ campmates of their own luscious charms.

We romped naked across the greensward. Bodacious Titties jouncing, fat Fannies juddering, erections bouncing.
Exchanged kisses and caresses.

Bullwhip crack. We froze in fear. Looked behind.
Masters! Scores of them! Stetsons, denim shirts, Levis, cowboy boots.

A burly 50-ish Master with a portable bullhorn.
"Howdy, young ladies! Welcome! Me and my buddies here are gonna give y'all three months to remember forever. That's a promise."

They did.
We swallowed gallons of Cum. Enjoyed countless furious fuckings. Endured so many beltings, strappings, and spankings - Fannyclefts to knees - sobbing constantly.

And the kisses!

We returned home craving more.