Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New Book: Emasculated By His Mother-in-Law Part Three

Ladies and gentlemen... finally. Part Three is up!
Emasculated By His Mother-in-Law (Part Three)

Trapped cross-dressed by his mother-in-law’s unexpected appearance, Richard and his wife Christine undertook an ill-considered deception to keep from having to explain why he was dressed the way he was. It seemed simple enough. But now Richard finds himself stuck living as his wife’s maid and every day seems to dig him deeper into the charade. And as if that wasn’t enough, now his sister-in-law has shown up as well and she knows his secret! These are hard times for Richard... at least until the hormones kick in. But then, maybe he's enjoying it? See how things turn out for Richard and Christine in this lengthy conclusion!

This is the final part and it's almost as long as two books.

For Mature Audiences Only. This 44,500 word story includes power exchange, female domination, cross-dressing, forced feminization, hormones, shrunken manhood, maid costumes, shemales, and so much more!

Here is where you can buy it: Amazon Kindle

I hope you all enjoy it! Please leave a review if you can!

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