Friday, May 19, 2017

A Question... Polls!!

Hi everyone.  I have a question... a couple actually.

(1)  The first question is, are any of you interested in buying my books, but can't do so because you're afraid someone will see what you've bought?

Are you afraid to buy books in this genre?


(2) As you know, most of my books deal with issues of domination and forced feminization.  Would any of you be interested in a series of more sentimental books?

Would you be interested in more sentimental books?

Yeah, I guess
Absolutely not

Thanks everyone! Remember, if you don't vote then I don't know what you want! Please feel free to expand your answers in the comments too. I truly want to hear from all of you. Love, Ann


Anonymous said...

I much prefer that the sissy is happy and in a loving relationship (similar to the one Sissy Kaaren portrays in her "Such a Sissy" blogs) rather than being tricked, forced and dominated. I like Saragirl's storys and blog. "A Change in Our Marriage" being my favorite.

AnnMichelle said...

Thanks for the comment! :)

Dawn said...

I tend to prefer loving domination. That's why The Writer's Secret is one of my all time favorites. I tend to dislike stories where the protagonist is cuckolded or forced to have sex with men. However I do like stories where the protagonist is a bit of a prick and gets his comeuppance by being forced become a female. The ones that take an innocent and trap him can be fun if they don't go overboard. Of course the best may be when the protagonist is hoist by his own petard like making a bet of requiring a dress code that he suddenly has to adhere to. Most of your stories fall into categories I like. A few tend to exceed my limits despite the fact that I write captions that do the very things i say I don't liek. It seems I can write much darker than I like to read. Like Steven King saying he likes romances LOL.

AnnMichelle said...

Hi Dawn, I think you and I have similar tastes in that regard. I love loving domination, and I always like to see "justice served" in the stories. I struggle a bit with stories that are too dark, though I can write some fairly dark works.

On the idea of sentimental stories, I get a taste for them now and then and I'm curious if people would be interested me writing them. So the results are interesting to me.

AnnMichelle said...

For all the people answering that, YES, this is a problem. Would you care to suggest things that might help?

- I could probably put out books under generic covers on kindle: "American History Vol. 1".

- We could talk about how to buy the books on kindle in a way that keeps them off your kindle.

- Any other suggestions?

Dee Mentia said...

If you do go a bit more sentimental, perhaps you should put them out under a series name, even if they aren't related. Something Like "The Gentle Path" or "The Firm (but Loving) Touch" so you don't have a fan of your more forced stories wondering what happened to you!

AnnMichelle said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for your amazing response. Over a hundred of you responded in less than 24 hours. This is clearly a big issue.

So that said, I will figure something out to help all of you who want to buy my stories but are afraid of getting caught. There are some good ways to work that.

As for the sympathetic stuff, I think I will try a couple. Don't worry though, I will mark them clearly so you know which is which.

AnnMichelle said...

Thanks Dee, That's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer forced feminisation stories but I think you have to follow where your mood is taking you in terms of writing. If you have a yen to write a sentimental tale then it would probably come out as better piece of work than forcing out a darker tale. Would I buy it?, honestly speaking, not unless it contained some level of coercion or domination even if on the gentle side, with some level of embarrassment for the protagonist.


Transgirl said...

All of your books are really hot and you know your stuff well! The very best author in the genre!! Having transitioned from male to female I always love reading feminization and domination stories. I am a very submissive girl now and loving life! Keep up your fantastic writing <3

Transgirl said...

I would have to agree with you there, "Change in Our Marriage" is simply the hottest book ever!!

AnnMichelle said...

Thanks Marie. I definitely prefer the tales that include domination and some level of embarrassment, but there are times I think about writing the occasional sentimental tale.

Thanks Transgirl! Congratulations on your transition. :)