Saturday, March 04, 2017

New Story: The Making of Danielle, Part Five!! The Conclusion!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ending of the Making of Danielle series has arrived!! :)
The Making of Danielle (Part Five: The End For Daniel)

Daniel has come to the end of his story. His future hangs in the balance on every decision he makes now. Will Colleen and Hailey catch him? Will Charlotte let him go? Can he escape his feminine fate? Does he want to?

This is Part Five, the final part of the series.

For Mature Audiences Only. This 41,000 word story includes female domination, power exchange, forced feminization, hormones, cross-dressing, small size humiliation, tickling, paddling, erotic humiliation and more!

Here is where you can buy it: Amazon Kindle

I hope you all enjoy it! Please leave a review if you can!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, I now know what I am doing tonight.

I will be sorry to read the last of Danielle but am excited to see what story you do next.

Please keep up the wonderful work.

AnnMichelle said...

Thank you, Anon! I hope you really enjoy it! Next is a good question. I've got several project lined up and just need to see which one feels most ready. :)

AnnMichelle said...

UPDATE: Just to let you all know... as published right now, I attached a 1-2 page epilogue to the story. I think I'm going to remove it. It talks about the things that happen to Daniel in the future, including his relationships, but I'm thinking it's too much too fast, if that makes sense -- it drops a lot onto the story in only those few words. I don't want the epilogue ruining the story for anyone. It may take a couple hours to update the book to remove that. If you're interested, by all means buy it now, but I think you will like the story better without it. If you already have the book, I recommend not reading those couple pages in the Epilogue.

Sorry for the confusion.

AnnMichelle said...

Further update...

For some reason, Amazon has marked this book as "adult." That means you will need to click the link that says to show adult content before it will show up in any search you perform.

I hope you're all enjoying it. :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Does this mean you might be coming back to Daniel in the future?
I already have the book, I will make a point of not reading the epilogue now but in a number of years when I reread the book I will give it a read.

To be honest that would be enjoyable. I always enjoy the endings of your stories but I would be interested in seeing what the characters lives are like a number of years later. Does not even have to be a short story, just a chapter. I could see a collection book with a chapter for each storyline.

AnnMichelle said...

Anon, It's definitely something I will consider -- but to be clear, that's not why I'm removing the epilogue. It's just too much, I feel, too fast and it may say things that people read and say, "Gee, I wish I didn't know that," and it does that without warning. So I think it's best removed.

But yes, there is a good chance I will add something at some point.

Yuki Taylor said...

I am so happy to fianlly finish this book. It was a wonderful roller-coaster of mixed emotions. As always it was well writen and very engaging. I cannot wait to read your next work.

I found no real problem with the epilogue. Truthfully speaking what happens to the characters in the end is up to the artist's discretion. Some may like it, others may not but it is the artist's choice. My only real criticism would be the almost complete omissions of on or two of Danielle's relationships. It felt like a major part of his new life was just cut out in this last part.

Obviously this is just an opinion from an amateur who has only posted to TGstorytime, so take it for what it is, but regardless of any criticism I loved this and all your past works.

Always a fan

Anonymous said...

No preview?

AnnMichelle said...

Thank you so much Yuki! :) That's wonderful to hear, especially from another writer! I'm really glad you liked it.

On the epilogue, my concern was really that it was too much, too fast without being complete. It felt to me like it just tossed out a big conclusion without filling in all the steps that needed to be filled... it felt like cheating to me. It seemed better to leave the story where it ends at the last chapter, let people draw their own conclusions, and then revisit the story in the future if an ending is needed.

Thanks for the comment! :)

AnnMichelle said...

Anon, I haven't planned anything yet or his future, so there's no preview to give.

If you mean my next story, I'm leaning toward a "caught by his roommate" story I've been meaning to write.

Yuki Taylor said...

To be honest I saw no real problem with epilogue. I saw the justifications in the subtext of the evolution of those relationships. Like I said I support things ending in a way that the author feels comfortable.

My only real problem was that Rose, who's relationship with Danielle seemed quite intense and complex, seemed to completly disappear. There was no way to resolve or grow their relationship when she suddenly disappeared and her "ownership" of him dissolved from a tense push and pull into nothingness.

Just an observation I made as I was I kinda shipped them midway through so maybe I was more acutely aware of her absence.

Much love,


AnnMichelle said...

Yuki, Rose is the one thing I wish I had changed. Unfortunately, I made some decisions early on that made it really hard to use Rose for the things Rachel does. So Rachel took over those parts and Rose kind of vanished. In hindsight, I should have used Rose instead of Rachel.


Yuki Taylor said...

I can definitely see what you mean looking back over the story. It all would have been easier to have Rose just be Daisy's sister instead of Rachel, or something to that effect. Yet the past is the past and the story is told so, all in all, the journy was amazing and I cannot wait for your next work.

Hugs from a fan,


On a side note, do you ever read the work of your fans? Im fairly certain I linked my name to my TGstorytime account if you want a quick read....if that is not too presumptuous to post.

AnnMichelle said...

Yuki, It was my plan originally, but the way these things work (especially over five volumes), things drift and suddenly original plans don't work right anymore. I still love how it turned out, but I do wish it Rose had replaced Rachel.

Thanks for being a fan!

I try to read other people's work when I have time. I don't have much time, but I manage now and then. I just read your story and I like it. I love the "built for sin" description. That's very vivid. And the idea of living with 20 women is a good one. Lots of possibilities.

Yuki Taylor said...

Thank you so much. I honestly didn't think you could've spared the time, but thank you. I hope to get back to it soon.

I cannot wait for your next work.

With love from a fan,


AnnMichelle said...

You're welcome and thank you! I wish you the best with it!