Monday, July 25, 2016

The Game Gets Even More Thrilling

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whyguys said...

"Why Mister Wellington... or should I say MISS CHRISTINE! Seeing you like this will mean a whole new redefinition of our roles here in the office. Every evening you and I shall put in some overtime. You shall teach me all about your duties as manger here.... and I shall instruct you on how to be a dutiful secretary.

"When I have deemed I know enough how to fulfill your position and that you would make an acceptable secretary, you shall suggest to my cousin Vice President Amanda Sellers in Human Resources that our office status be exchanged PERMANENTLY!

"Oh, this will be SO satisfying seeing some proper revision in Female-male job roles... think of it I, a Female shall be running things around here, and you, a mere male at most shall run things like typewriters, the coffee maker, the copying machine... oh and you poor dear on occasion YOUR MASCARA and YOUR SSTOCKINGS... oh our office will be the prototype of the perfect business model.."