Saturday, January 02, 2016

Pretty Nails, Ray!


whyguys said...

Rachelle, forgetting who was speaking to him, snapped back.

"It's not the nails! It's this SILLY's TOO TIGHT... and it's not SILLY and demeaning to me as a MAN... but... er uh.... what I mean Master Sandra is I er ...*SOB* ii-i'm sorry... I guess I've hh-had a long day with the ... I mean my housework... and *sob*:

Sandra looked at him sternly during his outbreak, then calmly responded.

"So, Young Lady...I work hard at the firm all day to give you pretty things to wear, and you complain about taking time to look pretty for me when I come home.. Your nails are too red!... your corset is too tight! Well, use your dainty painted fingers to take off your sexy black corset that's too tight... but just before you do, MISSY go upstairs and bring me my riding crop!"

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! :) sara