Monday, March 30, 2015

There Are Consequences


Shawn said...

I doubt he's really upset over having to spend the summer at his Aunt's. I believe that he's pouting over the fact his mother didn't put him in a skirt and give him cuter heels to wear. Hopefully, Aunt Jane will fix that problem.

Anonymous said...

I think his Aunt Jane will also have her choose a new name to match her new appearance. Tammy, Timmi, or Teresa perhaps ? Still she looks like a girl already and Aunt Jane still hasn't started with the girl-making hormones yet; nor started any figure-training either ! When his Mom and Dad return, they'll no longer have boy who caused only trouble ; they'll have a new daughter or niece ! So lucky to have his Auntie to help. More please !

tammy said...

love that to happen to me x