Friday, January 30, 2015

At What Price Indeed?


Shawn said...

Clint doesn't know yet these pics are basically test shots. Part of the deal his sister made with the Tony (the mobster) is that if Clint looks passable enough, "he" will be introduced to Tony's son Vincent.

You see Tony doesn't want the rest of the "Family" to know that Vincent doesn't like really like normal girls. So Clint should fit into Tony's plan to Vincent's special tastes a secret very nicely.

I'm sure once Tony sees these pics, there will be a Wedding being planned soon.

Don't worry Clint, Italian weddings are a lot of fun and then again, so are the Honeymoons.

whyguys said...

Actually Clint's sister is ultimately planning to replace his antiquated 'hot rod' with HER NEW STICK SHIFT!