Friday, December 12, 2014

Yeah, That Didn't Work


Shawn said...

Greg's wife might have turned him into a girl, but at least there's time to hit a quick bucket of balls before the ceremony. Since he is dressed for "his" wedding, I wonder what else she turned him on to?

Is his wife making him marry her as a sub or did she hook him up with one of his old golfing buddies??

Either way, it looks like the can still play them gane......even in heels.

whyguys said...

Sadly Greg no longer is allowed to play golf anymore after the wedding ceremony.

From now on Greg's Wife does ALL the DRIVING. Greg, of course, does do ALL the IRONING (and washing and dishes and cleaning and...)

The thing that Greg finds most shameful and painful to his ego is that he no longer is allowed ever to use his PUTTER...