Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Bad Bet... or Not


Mike's Opinions said...

Two Losses in a row and he still bets?
This isn't just a sissy this is a Bimbo in the making.

Shawn said...

What Ricky's Sister never knew was that he knew his way around a pool table too. All those dateless nights he has spent in pool halls had let him earn enough money to buy his car in the first place.

He would never scratch on the 8 Ball all those games in a row. Well, unless he wanted something.

And when he saw a chance to become "Ricki" for a year, "he" knew throwing these games would be a perfect excuse.

And who knows, Ricki just might be able to go back to the pool hall and win everything she lost back. Well, everything except any desire to go back to being "Ricky."