Friday, October 03, 2014

Nice "Twins"!

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whyguys said...

"Jacqui" whimpered, the tears ruining his perfectly applied eye and facial makeup, as Amanda joyfully exercised the power of her strap-on for the fourth time that evening.

Poor Jacqui hadn't noticed the titanium lock connected to the dainty diamond feminine pendant necklace his fiancée Amanda had clasped forever encasing her ex-macho boyfriend into permanent femininity.

"From now on you shall refer to me as your "Master Amanda". You shall be my meek, weak, obedient, dainty, docile and submissive Sapphic lover and wife for the rest of your life... understand your place and learn to accept it, Jacqui..."

Jack began a sigh of protest, but feeling himself girlishly melt in Amanda's firm arms, a thrust of feminine orgasm overwhelmed his psyche and all masculine resistance disappeared. The former 'man', torn between terror and tantalization sighed once more, then timidly batted his girlish lashes, lowered his eyes and softly responded,

"Yes, Master Amanda, i am yours to obey You and for You to do with me always as You wish..."