Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tim's Birthday


Amel Annaba said...

I'm doing a caption contest right and it would be my honnor if you got in it

Shawn said...

It had been a good birthday for Tim so far. He finally decided to step out of the apartment and let "Tina" out into the real world.

He already had her favorite dress on, but as a birthday present to Tina, the morning was spent at the mall looking for something Tina really desired, these sexy red pumps.

After the thrill of shopping, this new girl didn't want to stop there and headed over to the park at lunchtime. "She" sat on the grass just enjoying feeling so free for once.

"He" was unsure of what to do as the cute guy that had been smiling at Tina started to make his way over. The flirting was supposed to be harmless fun, but who knows where the rest of the day might lead??

The last thought "he" had as this possible new friend began to introduce himself as he sat beside her, was that maybe Tina should have had "her" birthday back when Tim turned 17!!

Anonymous said...

very good!

whyguys said...

Tim sat on the grass in the shaded park area behind his apartment. What other way to celebrate his 27th birthday... alone. Still, Tim looked down, smiling, hypnotized by the white circles on the black background of his low cut summer dress... he daintily stroked his soft slim stocking clad legs and touched towering heels of the bright red pumps he had nervously purchased from a giggling salesgirl the week before.

At least, and at last he was dressed as he had dreamed of being for the last few months...when of a sudden with a start, Tim heard the voice of Sandra DeManning, a beautiful co-worker he had dated several times in the last few weeks..

"Come on Missy! GET UP, THIS MOMENT! What is my new boyfriend - NO what is my NEW GIRLFRIEND doing there wasting 'her' birthday without someone to guide her through the days festivities."

Sandra handed him three ornately wrapped prismatic foil packages in hues of delicate pink, soft lavender and bold fuschia.

"Well... open them TAMMI..." Sandra commanded.

Nervously, Tammi removed the pink wrapping. Inside was a pink and black apron made of softest satin and lace accentuated with layers of frills and ruffles.

Sandra laughed.

"When we get back to your apartment, first, I want you to prepare me breakfast. And it had better be done correctly and with a curstsey... I am critical of any male help I demand around the house."

Tim, er.. uh Tammi trembled freeing the lavender wrapping, discovering a multi-pastel colored bikini.

"Yes sweetie, after breakfast we're going to the beach. I want you in quite dwell-defined tanlines so you always are afraid to show yourself to anyone in a bare-skinned 'macho' manner again."

With tears both of trepidation and excitement, Tammi produced the third gift from its bright foil.

Inside was the sexiest fuschia and black silk and lace matching bra, panty, teddy, and peignoir set imaginable.

Sandra smiled boldly... victoriously,

"That's for this evening, when we get back home from the seashore, sexy, when I tear into you like the soft, sweet, delicate, weak, meek and feminine little thing of MINE that you shall be for me from now on, forever..."