Monday, July 28, 2014

An Apology

Sorry for the lack of posts.  My internet has been down. :(  Anyways, here is one of my favorite pictures.  I love seeing this as me. :D


Shawn said...

Apology accepted Ann Michelle. You can't really control if your internet service goes down, so it's OK. Just don't let it happen again or we will come by and take all your shoes away! lol

Shawn said...

And to comment on the pic.

Ken knew he shouldn't do it. He sat there on the floor trying to decide if the risk was worth it, but the lure of getting dressed and slipping on those heels and was too strong.

He knew if he got caught again that his sister was going to tell everyone this time. But it was risk he had to take and he was 98% sure that it was time for "Kim" to find "her" place in the world.

Lee said...

No need to apologize. Soon you will be back with your usual, wonderful captions. Perhaps you just need to unwind and reset. Or did something shiny and sparkley distract you. Has to be more than a pair of heels. Matching lingerie maybe ?
Stay safe

Ann Michelle said...

Please don't take my heels! LOL! I won't let it happen again! ;-)