Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Book: Serving His Fiancee

Ladies and Gentlemen, Amazon has published my new book. Here is it.

Serving His Fiancée: This is Part Two of Feminized Fiancé.

Rick is now trapped in a rigged bet with the powerful Victoria Martin. Rick must win his fiancée back to gain his freedom or else be trapped as Victoria’s sissy maid forever! Complicating things, Victoria forces him to masquerade as his fiancée’s personal maid Sissy, and he can’t tell her who he really is. But does she already know?

This is the conclusion of the series, unless people think there needs to be a third book.

32,000 words
For Mature Audiences Only

Here is the LINK!


Jan White said...


"...unless people think there needs to be a third book..."

Duhh!!!! Of course there must be a third book. You've left sooo many unanswered questions. What REALLY happened between Sarah and Rick after the strap-on episode and before the climactic scene with Victoria? Despite his submissiveness, Rick gives no indication he's ready to spend the rest of his life as a woman and wife to Sarah...and how will their life together square with his management career in Victoria's company? (that Sarah demands of her Mom)...No, ma' CANNOT stop here...inquiring minds want to KNOW!!!

love, Wendy

Ann Michelle said...

LOL! Thanks Wendy. I thought people might like to know more. :)

Anonymous said...

Needs a third book. How is the sequel to Writers Secret coming?