Friday, November 29, 2013

New Book! Feminized Fiance

Hi everyone! My new book is finally available at Amazon! This one is called "Feminized Fiancé" and here is the description:

Feminized Fiancé: Victoria Martin built The Martin Firm into one of the most prestigious firms in the world. She expected that her daughter Sarah would follow in her high-heeled footsteps and take over the business. When she learns that Sarah is planning to marry a young man Victoria considers entirely unsuitable, Victoria sets out to make sure Sarah will never want to marry him. . . by turning him into a woman.

It's 33,000 words and you can buy it here ==> LINK.

This story has a lot of good stuff in it. There's forced feminization, femdom, breast growth through hormones, a maid uniform and a lot more. I think you'll like it. This is also the first part of a two-part series. I would have liked to do this as one book, but it was just too much to do at once. Also, this story has a natural break here, so this works as a standalone story. You'll see. Anyway, please buy it, read it, and tell me what you think! The second part will be out before Christmas!

I hope you all enjoy it! :D


Tom Tame said...

Lots of heat in this one,but you're killing me. To be continued? lol
Naughty girl!

Ann Michelle said...

LOL! Sorry Tom. I'm working on part 2. It was just too much to put into one book.

Anonymous said...

You are INDEED a BAD BAD girl...leaving your faithful readers hanging like that! I hope (and pray) you are WELL ALONG with the sequel. of your very best efforts ;). Can't wait to continue the story...and find out how alike Victoria and Sarah might planted some subtle clues...I'm dying to find out whether I read them right!!

Love, Wendy (one of your biggest fans)