Friday, September 20, 2013

Hormones In The Water


whyguys said...

As Roy sat doggie-style with his fiancé Alyssa thrusting hard with Her strap-on behind him, in between his girlish screams and moans Roy tried to tell Alyssa of his concern about the water.

Later, as Roy snuggled up in a teary-eyed glow in Alyssa's comforting arms, he said weeping,

"Really Alyssa, could there be ANYTHING to it? Have you noticed any changes in me or our our relationship. I AM WORRIED..."

Alyssa stroked Roy's budding breasts gently and kissed them, then pinched his erect nipples playfully.

"SHHHhh Reina... I mean Roy... maybe you're just upset because you are going through one of those male 'cycles' that Woman scientists been writing about in her best-seller."

"But, Alyssa... I've been so emotional and frightened about everything lately... oh Alyssa PLEASE HOLD ME What if the WATER..!"

"Reina... ROY Now snap out of it sweetie-gir-er-boy. You know I'm Chief Environmental Supervisor for the county and I have complete access to what goes in or out of the water supply. And i can tell you honestly there is NOTHING in our water that I haven't decided to have put in it!"

Alana Tgirl said...

Where's is this water supply ? I ask because, if I could end-up looking THAT FANTASTIC, I would GLADLY drink MORE than the recommended intake of 8 glasses per day......yep, no doubt about it. ;-D

Anonymous said...

I know this is fiction ; there was an actual case in South America involving chickens. They were being fed chemicals that mimicked estrogen and tasted really good. Well some men actually grew boobs and had under-go painful breast-removal surgeries. The chickens were rounded up and destroyed as well as the feed. I heard it on NPR some years ago.