Saturday, June 03, 2023

The June Newsletter Is Here!

Hi Everybody!

The new Newsletter is out and should be in your inbox right now. If it's not there, then check your spam filter/junk mail folder.

If it's not there, then drop me an email ( and I'll make sure you're on the mailing list.

For those who haven't signed up yet, you can sign up here:

Below is our "dirty" caption for this issue.




Anonymous said...

That thing needs to be put into a very small steel chastity device with electrical components that can deliver pain or pleasure, only then can the sissy's hand be unlocked.

Zoe said...

Get a surgeon to remove that awful thing! Zoe

Anonymous said...

OMG...that's one real nipple-popping panty-drencher of a picture! OR

AnnMichelle said...

I thought that one was very exciting. I can literally feel the tension... the teasing. :D

Anonymous said...

I'd say you nailed that one, Ann. Dead-on balls accurate! OR

Anonymous said...

A good tease never neglects the testes.