Friday, November 05, 2021

Pros and Cons



Rhodry said...

If he pulls this off, he will be successful, and rich. He did something the others couldn't. But he be noticed, the one he could do it. Or will he be forgotten because he isn't one of them.
Sure he had to hard work, to get were he is now. But he respected as one the girls. Give the do's he deserved. Hmm, give them what they wanted, and maybe get what he deserved. Or give up my manhood. And stay as one of the girls.

Zoe said...

Richard found a buyer and made his fortune. Better yet, the company was able to produce and manufacture the machine in a more cost effective way which triggered competition lowering the cost for men to become women! Now, there is a waiting period due to the high demand! Zoe

Rhodry said...

Its a good one, I give you that. But would be the same or better.