Sunday, August 04, 2019

Nice Solution!


Alana Tgirl said...

What a THOUGHTFUL wife !! =) said...

Another "Be careful what you wish for, You Might Get It" issue.

But if sissy is happy, who is to argue.

Richard Larkin said...

As a proper Sissy, I've always worn heels. Preferably 5" strappies.

My fiancé and mother-in-law met my return flight from the Army.

The ladies stripped me barefoot naked in the lobby bathroom.

I felt sooo feminine in the pink peep-toes they brought.

Lindawantabe said...

I have always felt that way. A woman can change her entire appearance in a matter of minutes by the changing of her clothes. It just isn't fair. So way back to when I was a boy I decided that I could dress as a girl, and did whenever I was home alone. Now I dress as a woman 24/7 and I love every minute of it. All I need now is another cup size on my boobs.