Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sounds Like A Safe Bet


nikir77 said...

After losing to not one game of pool but best out of three Ricky will be Riki for the year and have breasts hips and ass implanted next week, His/her sister was not going to take his manhood she wanted him to make that choice and over the next year that had grown to three years. Riki was her sisters sissy slave the first year, then the sisters maid the following year. The last year of the bet Riki had to go get a job. buy the end Riki did go and get her womanhood seeing she had gotten a job as a sectary to a C.E.O of a major 500 bio-tech business, Riki's sister thought that she had won but in the end it was Riki who had won she became the C.E.O.'s lover then wife and she had gotten a new experimental operation done Riki was a fully functional woman. 5 years later Riki showed up at her sisters house 7 months pregnant to thank her for all her help in this journey.

Sally Bend said...

He knew about her pool shark skills. No secret there.

Where there were secrets - ones that he knew, and she didn't - was that she was adopted, he was already a sissy, and he'd been wanting to become her slave for years.

She came to win. He came to lose. They were both happy.