Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Best Student


Anonymous said...

Search as I might, I have been unable to ever locate such a true feminization institution. I am fortunate to have found my college sweetheart who turned her educational skills to what she perceived to be my need to experience my feminine side much more openly. She has spared no efforts in my training to the point even my family could not recognize me without a DNA test.Now more than a decade later in life she has me trying on bridal lingerie and wedding gowns for a beautiful spring double bride wedding. We both love who I have become.

Anonymous said...

some people are most fortunate and blessed while the rest of us are left just hoping and dreaming for the opportunity you experienced.

whyguys said...

Recall the song

Oh the Wayward Male's
An Unfaithful male
An Unfaithful male
Who must Be Punished

And once he is
He'll need a BRA
A pretty Bra
For a Wayward male

He used to like to cheat each night
and date every girl he'd seen
But he woke up in a skirt so tight
And his Wife Nightly Now loves to DILDO HIM

Oh the Wayward male
Is a male no more
Is a male no more
And NEVER will be

And he wears a dress
With lipstick a mess
As he may only lick
For he has no..........