Sunday, November 26, 2017

New Book: The Making of Danielle: The Illustrations

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you may know, I've been republishing the Making of Danielle series with illustrations. (Book 3 is currently blocked, by the way.) Anyways, I know that many of you won't want to re-buy all the books to get the illustrations. So I've put together a compendium containing each of the 30 illustrations. Here it is!

This book contains each of the illustrations along with some text to remind you of the scenes they represent. Think of it as an abridged, illustrated version of the story. As before, the images can be blown up, provided your device allows that, so you can examine different parts of them in greater detail. I’m also including the original sketches so you can see how each image developed. Enjoy!

Here is where you can buy it: Amazon Kindle

I hope you all enjoy it! Please leave a review if you can!


Bimbo Barbie said...

Which ones have the illustrations and which ones don’t?

AnnMichelle said...

The ones with illustrations will have the word "Illustrated" or "Illustrations" in the title. And the descriptions will mention the illustrations.

At this point, there is no illustrated book 3, but you can get the illustrations in the compendium. I'm still trying to figure out how to get Book 3 published.

AnnMichelle said...

By the way, if anyone in the US is interested in reviewing my books at Amazon, please email me. All you need is a valid Amazon account that has been used to buy things. Thanks!

KeleighW said...

Love the illustrations, Ann. In the book, you mention that another Danielle chapter will be coming out in December 2017. Is it a continuation of Danielle's story? Will it be out soon?

AnnMichelle said...

Hi Keleigh! I'm glad you love the illustrations. I do too. I think Andy did an amazing job.

The new chapter coming out in December is the story told from the perspective of Daniel's father. I think it will be quite an interesting addition. In terms of the completion day, I would guess the end of December as I'm currently finishing a mother-in-law story that I've been working on for months.